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Iran’s Influence in Afghanistan: Implications for the U.S. Drawdown

Iranian influence in Afghanistan should not be a great concern for the United States. Iran and the United States both want to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming dominated by the Taliban and a safe haven for al Qaeda. A peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear crisis and the continued strengthening of relative pragmatists in the Read more »

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Poll Results Suggest Majority of Rouhani’s Opponents are Reformists – And Why That May Be a Good Thing

  The Zogby polling agency has just released the results of a poll it conducted in Iran this past September, shortly after Hassan Rouhani assumed the presidency. Two patterns, which struck me as interesting, could contribute to a positive outcome in the Iranian nuclear dispute:     The nuclear program is a low priority for Read more »

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Geneva Agreement Transforms Iran’s Nuclear Program Into Strictly Political Issue

Over the weekend, Iran and the P5+1 signed their first nuclear agreement since talks began in 2006. With the signing of the Joint Plan of Action in Geneva, the Iranian nuclear program has effectively been transformed into a strictly political, rather than security, issue for at least the next six months. The document, which can Read more »

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The Power of an Iranian President

Looking toward Iran’s June 14 presidential election, Western leaders wonder whether it will have much impact on the current impasse over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. After eight years of facing off with the provocative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will the next president be easier to deal with? Or will he be another hardliner prizing resistance over Read more »

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